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I'm a Canuck living downunder. I have 2 kids.

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

The night before last shortly after writing my last post Lachlan woke up coughing so hard that he threw up.  Lovely, a full bottle of curdled milk plastered all over his head and bed.  So he & I had a shower and I got to do laundry.

Yesterday, DH visited his parents, L & I stayed home, because I didn't want to spread the germs.  So we reorganised his toys, I tried to get him a bit more interested in his racetrack, unfortunatly he wasn't impressed and spent much of the day whining.  In between the whining I called a few of my friends & caught up, which I've been lax about, and I did a couple of mountains of laundry. 

 All the while I pondered how BIG families manage their time, since I do such a poor job of it myself.  I've read flylady and never found anything useful for my own life.  So last night I searched for info for large families and found this great resource site for large families. While we only have the one child atm, and have no intentions of having a huge family, but I feel that's no reason not develop more structure & manage my time a bit better. 

Time for me to go do some chores Big Smile Wish me luck.

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