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Tuesday, July 11, 2006
almost FO's

Lots of progress lately.

Finished both of my knee high stripey socks; Seaman's Scarf; Pink girl's cardigan now has buttons; DH's second boring grey sock is on the needles; L's 2nd Brambly hedge quilt is ready for binding; the last border is being cut & stitched onto the blue & green log cabin.  Photos to come

So before the business products get started, I have one sock to finish, the binding to put on the BH quilt and the border & basting on the Log Cabin, which I am dropping off to someone else to quilt on a machine since it is Massive. It'll cost a little, but the stress & time saved will make it well worth it Smile

I'm excited to be so close to finished these projects so that I can move onto attempting to generate income from creating things.  I hope that it is succesful.


On another note it's my father's birthday today, last year L & I were home to celebrate it with him & mum, this year we were out and about and didn't get home until just before midnight their time.  We had a quick conversation, punctuated with L screaming because he bashed himself in the face with his own phone. 

It would have been nice to be home this past week, the girls had a drunken weekend at the lake, which I've missed every year since it's inception, and while I was within driving distance last year, L was too young to foist upon my parents for that length of time.

I'm not sure where we'll be next year, but if everything goes according our plans there may be another little one on the way, so chances are pretty high that next year will be out too.  Someday I hope to be able to join them, it's not an easy feat considering the distance.

Posted at 10:10 pm by tooz

July 17, 2006   08:43 AM PDT
Mel, we'd love for you to make it! #2 in the planning stage, eh? :)

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