Entry: Maniac Thursday, March 22, 2007

So things have been slightly crazy here at Chez G.  The reno's that started in September are finally mostly done, including the finishing touches, the floor didn't come up that nicely, in the next couple of years we'll get all the wood sanded back and refinished which will hopefully do the job.  The new French doors & frames also need painting.  Other than that there is still a new door to put into the pool house to line up with the deck.  Chances are that I'll leave the painting for the painters that we hope to get in to do the ceilings this year, and the door won't be done for another 6 weeks, just in time for winter.

Last weekend we celebrated our sons 2nd birthday with friends & family, it was really nice to see everyone together, I wish we could get them all together more often, it seems to take so much work though.

Speaking of work we (I) jumped off the cliff and got another pup to add into the menagerie.  I figured any puppy is going to take work and if we're going to have more kids I do not want to be dealing with a puppy & newborn at the same time.  He doesn't sleep overly well at night which is difficult, but I'm hoping it's just a phase.  I'd promise photos but photos just don't seem to be happening these days.

Quilting took a back bench over the last 3-4 weeks with the painting & baking and other things that we did to get ready for the party, but I picked up one 2 evenings ago, that I am hoping to sell in a few months.  I'm also gouing to have to get the fundraisers ones done up soon.  Unfortunately the shop that I've been going to for supplies, help etc over the last 4-5 years is closing in 3 weeks so I've got to get certain things that I can only do there done before that happens.


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